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50% Off Christmas Sale!

To celebrate an early christmas, our whole store will be 50% off.

starting from 1-12-20 till 25-12-20!

Payment Gateways

All payments are handled and secured by PayPal. For any questions or concerns, please contact us on discord.
Your payments are helping and will continue to help the server expand as we add new content, more RAM, better plugins and more. Thank you for your contributions to the OutlawMC Community!

Server Expenses

Every month, the owner of the server (Dowritos) has to pay the bills, this is to keep the server (22€), webhosting (2,50€) + webstore (15€) up and running. This is a total of 49,50€ which may expand in the future. Depending on the activity, and needs of the community.

Top Donator Reward

The monthly top donator of OutlawMC, will get a special reward as a thanks for supporting the community. This includes a special rank (for 1 month) with the VIP prefix. This rank has exclusive perks, like /glow (rainbow) and /kittycannon.

Shop information
OutlawMC is not affiliated with Mojang, Minecraft, or Buycraft in any way. If you have issues with your payment, please contact us on discord.
Recent payments
  • The_King_Senne
    1x Sergeant --> Captain
  • ZachyZach
    1x 3 Outlaw keys for everyone online
  • ZachyZach
    1x Outlaw
  • The_King_Senne
    1x Sergeant
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